Top 3 Best Glucometer Diabetes Test Kit Blood Sugar Monitor Review

Upon carefully testing several models of diabetes test kit or glucometer, we’ve come up with this review highlighting three of the best of them on the market. First of all, let us define what a glucose meter is and later highlight a few of the benefits for using such a monitoring device.

What Is a Glucometer?

It is a device used to test the amount of sugar/glucose in your blood. Commonly used at home and in medical clinics or institutions, this blood sugar monitor device is easy and simple to use, even by people without clinical or hospital experience. It helps in determining the estimate glucose concentration in the blood.

Benefits of Using a Sugar Test Machine

Diabetics must be able to control their blood glucose level to reduce their risk to complications and hyperglycemia. Self-testing using the diabetes test kit is one of the best things to do in managing diabetes just like taking medications and changing lifestyle habits. In particular, what are the benefits of using a glucometer?

Lets you check your current glucose level: The devices let you keep track of your glucose levels round the clock. In general, they have charts letting you know where the level is instantly. You can also get reading from it every five minutes.

Records your history and predicts your future: The other benefit of using the best glucose meter is that it can show you trends and history of your readings. There are models, which also have arrows to indicate the possible projection of your glucose level in up to 12 hours.

Gives alerts: The best of them may also be able to offer you important alerts to notify you of a possible problem especially when you’re sleeping at night.

Informs you about your health: You can understand your body better with a glucose meter, helping you keep track of your health with graphs showing your projected future, past and present glucose levels. This insight helps you adjust your lifestyle choices affecting your blood sugar levels.

The Top 3 Best Diabetes Test Kit For 2018

1. Contour NEXT EZ Diabetes Test Kit Set 

Top 3 Best Glucometer Diabetes Test Kit Blood Sugar Monitor Review

The testing kit is composed of 100 lancets and a lancing device plus manual, a control solution, a carry case and a logbook. It is an easy and simple to use sugar test machine that shows accurate results. One can be obtained within five seconds, giving you the convenience of checking your blood sugar level almost instantaneously.

The components of the testing kit also come with long expiration dates, generally up to 24 months. It comes with a lancing device and a lancet, and it is used for monitoring blood glucose.

The test kit also comes with a long satisfaction guarantee of up to 18 months, providing warranty on every component. In addition, this Contour NEXT EZ Diabetes sugar test machine includes 100 active forward lancets, providing you with the convenience of not having to buy them separately, frequently.

It also comes with a logbook on which to take down notes about the measurements. This component also lets you track your sugar level changes, allowing you to make lifestyle adjustments to manage your diabetes better, making this brand one of the best glucometer in the market.

Regarding portability, you can rely on the NEXT Diabetes EZ Monitor for the carrying case that comes with it. You can simply stash it in your bag and carry it anywhere to test your sugar level when needed.

The product is chosen by diabetics especially seniors because it is simple to use. It can show information on saved before and after meal glucose level tests within a period, such as a 30-day average, alarm reminder, yet it has no coding needed.


  • Complete testing kit.
  • Comes with a carrying case.
  • Accurate readings.
  • Lets you check your blood sugar level anywhere.
  • Easy to use.

2. Care Touch Diabetes Test Kit Blood Glucose Meter Set

The Care Touch sugar machine is a complete blood sugar test kit for managing and monitoring your blood sugar levels in an instant. This product is one of the top sellers on the market for its completeness of supplies needed to perform a blood glucose testing with its 100 test strips plus 30-gauge of twist off sterile lancets.

In addition, the Care Touch Blood Glucose Starter Meter kit also has a surgical lancing device, batteries and a carry case. The product is ideal for those who are looking for an easy to use and accurate sugar test machine device especially among senior patents.

All the components coming with this kit is needed for coming up with accurate results all the time. The meter options coming with the kit also let you monitor your blood sugar level and check for previous reading efficiently and easily.


  • 5-alarm reminders letting you test yourself using either 12 or 24 hours settings.
  • Fresh supplies with long expiration dates.
  • Allows alternative testing sites, such as forearms, fingers and palms.
  • No coding needed even seniors can use it.

3. KETO-MOJO Bluetooth Blood Ketone & Diabetes Test Kit Set

This ketone diabetes test kit lets you monitor your blood sugar level in an instant. This monitoring kit comes with a complete set of testing components, which are essential for diabetic and ketogenic testing needs.

Seniors and diabetics can easily test their blood sugar levels at home or anywhere they are. The product is ready to use out of the box. However, the package does not come with glucose strips, but they can be ordered.

Briefly, this KETO-MOJO Meter also includes a carrying case, which makes it very portable. The FDA-cleared kit helps you manage your diabetes.

The product is certified and tested by KETO experts themselves, so you can look forward to the best results. This product can help you in keeping track of your measurements, and it is possible if you will keep testing at the same time daily.


  • Certified by KETO experts.
  • Large LCD display.
  • Strip ejector.
  • Can provide users with pre- and post-meal measurement tagging.
  • Easy to use.

Final Thoughts

Using a portable and accurate sugar test machine, diabetics, especially seniors, will have a quick access to their readings without any hassles. If you’re looking for the right product for you, start with the list of the best glucometer we’ve highlighted in this review.

Hope you picked up something from the guide on the top three glucose meters on the market. Buy your blood sugar test kit device today!

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