Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor & Body Fat Analyzer Review

What is the best body composition monitor scale? We understand how that is stressful to shop and look for the best body composition monitor, fat analyzer and body fat scale on the market. It is the same reason we’ve tested and reviewed a few of the top picks on offer now.

Our research on BMI scale are based on not just its accuracy, but its built quality, functions and user friendliness. Here are our findings.

The Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor & Body Fat Analyzer

1. Digital Body Fat Analyzer Weight Scale by Balance

Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor & Body Fat Analyzer Review

This body analyzer scale is one of the most chosen products on the market because it is designed with the users in mind letting them get the data amount they need in real time to achieve their goals. This scale is designed to provide users with a balance in function and features, supplying you with complete information for its easy to use and streamlined design.

All you need to do is to step on this body composition scale to receive a detailed picture of your weight and health. This body fat scale comes with scratch-resistant feet with four high precision sensors, ensuring you of a resolution of “+/- 0.2 lb/0.1 kg.”

The strong glass weighing scale platform can support a user of up to 400 pounds. It fits a wide range of user sizes, meaning most of your family members might be able to use the body fat weighing scale. It includes four AAA batteries, meaning you can use it out of the box.

However, users who are pregnant or with a medical electronic implant should not use it. Also, those who have a pacemaker should not use the body fat weigh scale. Children under 10 years old are not intended for the product.


  • Measures BMI, weight, muscle mass, bone density and hydration.
  • Scale can calibrate itself.
  • Auto user detect for supporting up to eight users.
  • Large and backlit LCD screen.
  • Makes use of the BIA analysis for consistent health metrics monitoring.

2. Withings Body + – Body Composition Analyzer Scale With Wi-Fi

Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor & Body Fat Analyzer Review

This black Wi-Fi scale from Withings is one of the latest innovations from the brand that is known for manufacturing high quality and innovative health and fitness related products. The product offers a total body composition analysis, monitoring weight in lbs, kg or st lb.

This Body Composition Analyzer is a technological product, featuring metrics for water and fat percentage along with bone and muscle mass. For instant feedback, the Wi-Fi scale can also deliver you with quick and instant feedback.

Additional feature includes automatic synchronization wherein information from a weigh in would appear in the compatible app, the Health Mate App to download via Google Play or App Store. The product also offers nutrition tracking, which lets you set a goal and reach it through effective management of your daily caloric intake.


  • Dedicated app.
  • Nutrition tracking.
  • Weather forecast.
  • Multiuser friendly.
  • Full body composition analysis.

3. EatSmart Products Precision Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale

Top 5 Best Body Composition Monitor & Body Fat Analyzer Review

The Body Composition Monitor is one of the best digital body fat scales with high technology including auto recognition for the convenience of the users. The Eat Smart digital body fat scale has a wide range of functions, such as measuring total body water, body fat percentage, bone mass and muscle mass.

It also offers an automatic user ID technology, which can store information for up to eight users. In addition, users can get immediate reading that requires no tapping in turning on. If you’re looking to take advantage of this innovative benefit, you might want to pick the Precision Get Fit Digital Body Fat Scale.

Also, the scale comes with a large LCD display and white backlight, making the information easy to read especially for those who might be having eye issues. The body fat and composition scale is also one of the best around because it is auto calibrated, meaning you do not have to recalibrate from time to time.

Out of the box, the monitor and body fat analyzer comes with four pieces of AAA batteries. You don’t need to buy them separately, adding to the convenience of using this body fat analyzer.


  • 7-fitness indicators: body fat percentage, different fitness indicators, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, weight, body age and resting metabolism.
  • Automatic user ID technology.
  • LCD display and white backlight.
  • Includes four AAA batteries.

4. Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale & Fitness Indicators

The Body Fat Analyzer is a body composition monitor that comes with a scale. This product can measure your body fat percentage, letting you stay on track with your fitness goal. With correct body fat percentage, you can also make needed adjustments in your lifestyle so that you can reach your weight loss or fitness goal steadily in no time.

The body composition monitor with scale also comes with an easy to read LCD display for reading your body weight up to 330 lbs within seconds. For the best results, you should take your measurements in the morning prior to exercise, drink, eat and take a shower.

It also offers storing of up to four profiles so that your family members can also monitor their progress with its 180-day memory. The product also comes with a retractable cord for added convenience.


  • Allows storing of up to four individual profile settings.
  • Comes with a retractable cord.
  • Easy on and off switch at its base.
  • Provides a complete picture of your fitness routine’s effectiveness.
  • Large LCD screen.
  • 180 Days Memory.
  • Measures body fat percentage, body weight, body mass index, skeletal muscle, visceral fat and resting metabolism.

5. Yunmai Premium Smart Scale and Body Fat Analyzer with Smart Phone App

The scale and body fat monitor is only one among those, which are FDA-listed with more than two million users and counting. It works compatibly with the Apple Health, Google Fit and Fit Bit for its Yunmai APP sync.

The Bluetooth smart scale and body fat monitor can offer you with 10 accurate body measurements, including muscle hydration, bone mass, BMI, body fat and other metrics. It is also an innovative product that features up to 16 users tracking management, giving everyone the ease and convenience of tracking their fitness progress efficiently.

All you need is also five seconds to set it up and you’re good to go! The Body Analyzer Scale is also supported by a 5-year warranty. Within 10 seconds of stepping onto the scale, you will receive 10 measurements for a complete set of insights about your fitness and health.

All the measurements will also be sent to your mobile device every time you use the scale so that you can check your health and weight loss progress.


  • Gives 10 measurements within 10 seconds for a complete look of your progress.
  • Up to 16 users recognized.
  • Easy to comprehend relief edging and color sensors for a modern design.
  • User manual and four AAA batteries included.
  • Requires no setting up.

Final Thoughts

When shopping around for body composition scale or body composition and fat monitor, take a look at these suggestions to help you pick the right product that suits your fitness goals and that meets your considerations.

Have you picked the best body composition analyzer? Tell us what you think. Finally, we’re hoping this guide has helped in shedding light on how to select the best scale and body composition analyzer on the market today!

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